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In the last decades, the UAEs position as a key regional economic player has been realised in this important area. The Afghan Business Community in Dubai has been active in the UAE and has proven to be most influential Diaspora of Afghan in the world. In order to collectivize ideas and interest, distinguished Afghan businessmen, traders and entrepreneurs residing in UAE, for promoting the interest and put forward the clear image of Afghanistan and for the development of economic, cultural and social relations between Afghanistan, UAE and even in the Middle East intended to form a council of reputable business people. Having a true role in the reconstruction process of Afghanistan, they gathered on 25th April 2005 in Dubai, UAE, and decided to establish non-profit voluntary association of Afghan Business Council. In the first General Assembly, 170 Afghan businessmen have gathered. The Founding Assembly of ABC, elected Board of Directors with 44 members. On the same day, the ABC, BOD elected an Executive Committee.

The Current members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Mr. Haji Obaidullah Sader Khail , Chairman
  • Mr. Mohammad Taher Yosof Zadah, Treasurer

Then, the Afghan Business Council was given permission to operate by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 25th of June, 2005. It is with this apparatus private sector non-profit voluntary organization that Afghan Diaspora in UAE, intends to assist in the reconstruction and rebirth of the shattered Afghan economy. Since official permission was attained by ABC, a soft opening had insued. The Executive Committee has thus declared that the council office is open for business and official inauguration will be held.

The ABCs main aims and objectives are defined as per following:

Persuade all UAE based Afghan businessmen to invest in Afghanistan, Have close relations with Businessmen in Afghanistan, Create the joint investment-venture in Afghanistan, Provide a forum in which Afghan business executive in Dubai and business executive with Afghan interest may identify, discuss and pursue common interest regarding their activities. Heighten awareness of Dubai commercial position in the Middle East among the Afghan business community. Form reference, aggregation and information of referees for Afghan individuals and companies that operate or intending to establish an activity in the territory of Emirate of Dubai. Strengthen the state of commerce in Afghanistan by means of a vigorous private sector active in a vibrant free market. Increase foreigner investment and trade with Afghan companies, Safeguard Afghanistan economic progress via the enactment and implementation of economic reforms. Strengthen the state of commerce in Afghanistan by means of a vigorous private sector active in a vibrant free market economy.

Increase foreign investment and trade with Afghan companies The drive to establish the organization stemmed from the need to incorporate ideas, interest and influence into one uniform body for the Afghan business community in the U.A.E. Based in Dubai, the ABC is a private non-profit organization representing Afghan businessmen.

The strength of the Afghan business community in the UAE has grown commensurably with the U.A.E realizing its position as a key regional player. The Afghan Business Council in Dubai consists of 170 members out of 326 businessmen who are registered by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry so for. ABC in Dubai represents a diverse and broad group of Afghan businessmen across a range of sectors. With an annual flow of 10 billion USD between Afghanistan and Dubai, U.A.E. based Afghans are the most influential of the Diaspora.

Since being granted the license to operate, ABC organized a number of seminars in the U.A.E. and attracted immense interest. The inaugural event, “Business in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges” had marked the formal opening of the Afghan Business Council in Dubai, which took place on 21st of January 2006.


Great momentum has been created by ABC since its establishment in Dubai around Four years ago. This council has provided a formal platform for not only Afghan businessmen but also other potential investors. ABC has also been instrumental in creating opportunities for Afghanistan economic uplift and thereby significant impact on the common people in the country.

Establishing ABC is a big helping hand in creating jobs by supporting the countries reconstruction notably in the agriculture, education and banking sectors. This way, ABC has been helping in reducing the poverty from the country and thus ensuring a better future and a safe country for the people.

ABC aim is providing a quality job in terms of support and information to all stake-holders so that a better and successful economic future is created for the good of the people of Afghanistan.